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The Asian region historically was operated in a lean way with low resource investment. Numerous re-sellers ran the standard Ad Server business throughout the Asian region. The involvement of top management and investment in regional resources was humble. With a new investment by Cerberus and strategic acquisition, a new product and company strategy was created. The scope was to install and activate the new company positioning in Asia.


The Asian region is complicated to manage for an American Advertising Technology company: The mid-term revenue opportunity (compared to the USA or Europe) are low, but the diversity in culture and language is high. The new owner of the company set bold revenue expectations. Therefore Asia had to be activated as a revenue driver.


Building out a regional Go-To-Market blueprint focusing on updating the re-seller relationships and building out a region-wide seller community—the blueprint installation on the county level needed to give the flexibility to cope with local differences.


We restored the re-seller engagements, rolled out a new pitch strategy for the new product offering, and local cases with leading agencies were built. We built a regional partnerships network. We developed a new sales strategy to help our clients create new products by creatively utilizing Sizmek's new programmatic full-stack solution.



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The Process

It isn't easy for many startups from the USA or Europe to activate their business in Asia. The main challenges are a very high diversity in cultures and languages. South Asia shares similar institutional roots but economies of vastly diverse sizes and complexities. India has the complexity of a continent and a population of 1.35 bn people. In an evolving global economic landscape, South Asia's growth strategy needs to follow a balanced multi-pronged approach complementing a modernization of agriculture with a more significant role in services and a strategic but sustainable expansion in manufacturing.

built deep and trusted relationships with the local re-sellers, run deep local researches, and helped them build out new revenue streams by utilizing the brand new programmatic software solutions. In three months, we stabilized the existing business and created transparent and reliable forecast models.
The Result

After six months, we turned Asia into the most efficient and most accurate operating region globally. We renewed contracts with the most extensive media buying agencies and built new products with clients.

“Our new ad format has already proven incredibly effective in terms of high-impact brand recall, giving our clients a huge competitive advantage in this market. By adding social sharing and emotional engagement functions for the first time, we have pioneered a distinct way for outcome-driven brands to optimize and measure their campaign results.”

— Deepika Nikhilender, SVP of APAC at Xaxis

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