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Digital transformation describes the transition of the economy and society shaped by analog technologies into the age of digitization. In contrast to digital disruption, which represents the radical change in markets, digital transformation is an evolutionary process. The digital transformation in companies takes place on different levels. It applies equally to developing innovative digital processes and procedures, digital service innovations, and digital business models. Companies can carry out the digital transformation one after the other or at all levels simultaneously. A clear digital innovation strategy supported by trend analyses and digital technology management is essential here.

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With our assessment questionnaires and interviews, we can determine the status of digital transformation in your company. We analyse the level of readiness of your company for improvements with digital transformation.

product innovation

Digital services represent an essential competitive advantage of the future. Companies make it easier for their customers to deal with certain products and services. Examples of this are the digital recipe advisor of a manufacturer of kitchen equipment, customer portals, and communities, as well as e-learning academies on topics that interest customers in connection with product use or a specific service.

digital business model

The digital transformation is also changing the added value of companies. Digital services that can be monetised by companies are independent sources of income. An example of this is the freemium version of the software. While the use of essential functions is free, the use of additional features is chargeable.

growth planning and execution

We help you creating your new sales strategy for your digital business and building your sale funnel. We also support on first client pitches and on closing first deals. When the time is right we help you growing your business into other regions.

competence & qualification

We help your employees on the transformational change and your organization to establish an environment of voracious learning.

marketing integration

Marketing and sales are subject to significant changes, driven by the changed information behavior of customers. Numerous new disciplines such as programmatic advertising, search engine optimization, and inbound marketing have emerged in recent years. They continue to gain in importance. The so-called customer journey, i.e., the individual experience of customers on the way from the search for information to the purchase to the use of a product or service, becomes a central component of marketing and sales. The digital transformation requires new competencies here.

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our process

Our process is a flexible digital transformation framework that adapts, evolves, and responds to your needs.


digital frontier

Define the current and the envisioned digital frontier of your business and operations.


gap assessment

Compare the current and the envisioned digital frontier to identify resulting key gaps.

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Brainstorm and create ideas, identify improvement opportunities.



Prioritize digital initiatives and aligning them with your business startegy.



Develop a detailled reference implementation roadmap.



Implement the strategy in agile manner to develop and test the new capabilities and processes. Permanently optimized.

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