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We are living in a time of exponential change.

It has never been more critical for us to embrace these technologies to empower customers, transform business and create opportunity. The digitalization of processes, creating digital products, and business models are the foundation for your organization to become digitally mature. Creating a digital vision and strategy that will result in digital culture for your organization is required to get your digital transformation done.

Work with a partner who helps you master the challenges ahead and integrate all tasks and tactics into one strategy.

why D2G?

Oliver has 22 years of experience in the very disruptive digital marketing business. For 15 years, he managed global product, strategy, and go to market initiatives — his international network of business, strategy, and solution partners is his foundation.
Living in Singapore, he decided to broaden his domain and transform the world for the better with a good focus on sustainability.
There the idea of D2G was born.

We love and utilize

Modern Silicon Valley methods and strategies, no-nonsense attitude, German processes, some humor and much creativity.

We believe in fairness, equality, and empathy as the foundational principles of everything we do. That is our secret to success and results in outstanding leadership. On that basis, we build and maintain our positive community.

The pace of digital transformation will even rise in the coming years. Digital platforms are increasingly dictating how we define our lives and how to do business. Whether offline or digital or a mixture of both, every business needs to build a holistic game plan for reaching digital maturity. We help you find the delicate balance of know-how, technology, and strategy as required.

Your digital strategy will be future-oriented. It will be aimed at a point in the future, towards where the market will develop and where the user interests will lie.




our services

We help clients and startups with their digital challenges and on their way for their digital transformation. We divide our services in two main areas:

Consulting & Go To Market


get change managed


growth as a service

global go to market




90+ projects

global & growth & digital & transforming
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D2G as a service

We support you on your growth and/or tranformational journey to better your business and the world. Choose from the pricing plans that suits you best.


one call or meeting


"Every beginning is difficult, holds in all sciences." And in most business projects - For this reason we offer a first introductory meeting for free.


on a time and material basis

daily rate

Typically well suited to unclear project scenarios and for early phases in new projects.


KPI or OKR based

fix price

Together we define project details and parameters. We set KPI and can run the project on OKR method.

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D2G crew

A experienced group of digital enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds.

Founder and Managing Director
Coaching for Transformation
Emerging Technologies and Marketing
Strategic Advisor committed to bettering the world

our partners

In times of exponential digital change it is premise to act lean, agile and with the best partners.

interoperability of data
Growing revenues in USA
Compound Value Creators
Blockchain and Data Solutions

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